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With the rising cost of electricity, renewable energy is fast becoming a popular and economical choice.


Western Australia has one of the perfect climates for solar energy. We have 6 - 7 peak sun hours during the summer and 4 - 5 in the winter months.

The peak sun hours are when you achieve the highest efficiency from your solar system due to direct sunlight. This equates to 1000w per square meter.

The efficiency of the panels and inverter are also important as they convert the sun rays to energy. The higher the efficiency the more productive the panel.


Solar is an investment that should last you 15 to 25 years - saving you on bills and reducing your carbon footprint!

As a CEC accredited company we at Quinncroft Electrical Group have a unique design for solar installations. We can offer supply and install at a competitive price.


"solar is an investment


saving you on bills and reducing your carbon footprint!"

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